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VoidScan 2.0 - The New 2023 Skeletal RFID Protection

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Because of its transparent design, VoidScan makes it possible for you to see how everything inside it works: utilizing a skeletal transparent design, you are able to see the RFID microchip, transmitter wire, and antenna that jams incoming signals.

A node where technology and art meet, VoidScan puts science on full display for you. We hope that our device piques people’s interest in how the technology works!

Why do I need VoidScan?

The Team

VoidScan is a team of Engineers and Designers with the goal of creating an elegant solution to protecting your wallet.  Stirring an interest in science and technology is a core value of VoidScan.  By showcasing the technology in each transparent card as an art piece, we hope to inspire a passion in science.


The idea was found on a trip to Europe.  We wanted to protect our wallets from identify theft, but were unable to find an elegant solution.  We didn't want to buy a new wallet or use individual RFID sleeves, and found no affordable or good looking solution.  Determined to solve this problem, VoidScan was formed.