What is RFID Theft?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, which is the technology that allows you to make contactless payments. It is convenient because it requires no pin or signature, however by using a modern scanning device, anyone can scan RFID chips from as far as 20 feet away, putting your personal information at risk.

Scanners can easily steal your data

How does RFID technology work?

RFID tech uses a small chip and an antenna to relay information from credit and debit cards to contactless scanners, serving the same purpose as a barcode or magnetic strip on the back of a card. Contactless payment cards are convenient as they don’t need to be in direct contact with the scanner to work and don’t require a PIN or signature. However, the long-range nature of the technology enables an RFID chip to be read from up to 20 feet away with a high-powered skimming device – compromising personal data.

Where is RFID used? 

Most of your credit cards, debit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses use RFID at this point. In addition, most RFID enabled credit or debit cards will carry the following sign:

Indicating your data is at risk of being scanned from RFID readers